Holly's Hobbies

Custom Crochet with a whole 'lotta love

A Little Bit About Me....

My name is Holly (never would have guessed that right?!), and I am a working mama of two beautiful (and crazy) kids. I am married to my best friend (who is also his own special brand of crazy) of almost eleven years. I battle with various medical issues related to auto immune disorders, so I'm in and out of doctor's offices frequently with lots of time to crochet in-between!

I decided to give crochet a shot when I was unable to locate a nice crocheted rat for my daughter (long story). So I thought to myself, "It can't be THAT hard, can it?" I searched tutorials on the net, taught myself a few of the basic stitches and purchased a few beginner patterns and never looked back. I started to experiment with some patterns I had, changing certain parts to achieve a different look. After I got the gist of amigurumi down pat, I started free handing stuffies as I went along for my kids. Like any mom that posts too many pictures on Facebook, I uploaded my creations and got an overwhelming response. People started asking me if I could make certain things, and I thought, Why not?

I hope to provide a haven of info for beginners or people interested in learning how to crochet. The internet provided a wealth of knowledge for me through YouTube videos and how-to articles. I'm hoping to add to that by creating Tutorial specific to some of the patterns I've released, and provide a go-to place for all things crochet.