DIY: Valentines Ergonomic Crochet Hook

If you're like me, you would crochet for hours... if your hands let you. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, so after 20-30 minutes of crocheting, my hands and wrists started to seize and swell and the pain was unreal. I started looking into ways I could still continue to crochet without the pain, and that's when I came across ergonomic hooks.


Through my hours of searching, I came across dozens of crazy talented designers and I fell in love with their hooks. However, being from Canada, the shipping costs are unreal and I ended up paying more in shipping than I did for the actual hook. Like everything else in life, I figured I could make them for myself (albeit no where near as fancy as the talented designers I've seen, but it would still do the job). I picked up some polymer clay from my local Michaels and let my creative juices flow.

After making dozens of hooks, I wanted to share my method with everyone so you can make your own ergonomic hook(s) at home! Make sure to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can stay updated with all of my video tutorials.

Post your Valentines Ergonomic hooks below!